PVC Drill Bit Sleeve Pouch

PVC Packaging Sleeves – Packaging For Drill Bits, Screws, Nails & Fasteners

PVC Packaging Sleeves Customization Options:

  • Custom Sizes can be done
  • Custom Colours can be done
  • Printing onto the PVC can be done
  • Custom shapes can be done
  • Low MOQ’s offered
  • Excellent pricing!
  • Worldwide Shipping Offered
  • Manufactured in South Africa


PVC Packaging Sleeves – Packaging For Drill Bits, Screws, Nails & Fasteners

Why Choose PVC Packaging Sleeves ?

PVC Packaging Sleeves are excellent for packaging hardware products off-site due to it’s durable construction & versatility. The packaging department does not need additional machines to seal up the bags once filled with your drill bit or screws, therefore it allows for packaging on-demand! These packaging bags are made with high quality PVC and will not rip apart easily. They are also water-proof.

Why Choose Us For PVC Packaging Sleeves ?

We offer low MOQ’s and excellent pricing for all our PVC Packaging sleeves! We also offer full customization options and printing options. Customers are also allowed to specify their own colours so that they can have a packaging that fits their brand’s needs.

Customization Options:

Customers can specify their own colours, sizes & shape!

Our Customer Love Our Drill Bit Packaging!

Throughout the years we have been supplying hardware stores across the country with our high grade PVC Drill Bit Packaging / Drill Bit Sleeves. Our high quality drill bit pouches are extremely durable and waterproof which makes it perfect for packaging drill bits!