Calendar Corners / Deskpad Corners

Our Deskpad Corners / Calendar Corners are manufactured using high quality vinyl and High Frequency Welding for an unmatched quality and finish! Every corner is cut to precision and manufactured with durability in mind.

  • Manufactured With PVC Vinyl
  • Custom Sizes Can Be Made As Per Your Request
  • Offered With & Without an Adhesive. Please specify your needs.
  • To fit properly with your calendar, the calendar pages and chipboard must be the same size. You can contact us if you need more information or assistance.
  • Proudly Manufactured in South Africa
  • International Shipping Available.


Calendar Corners / Deskpad Corners

Why Choose Our Calendar Corner?

Our Calendar Corners also known as Deskpad Corners offer the ideal balance of strength and stability. Use our calendar corners to secure desk calendars, to preserve the edges of deskpad’s pages. The use case for our calendar corners are endless! Our deskpad corners  are available with an adhesive and a non-adhesive.

How To Use Our Calendar Corners?

To use this product without an adhesive: Place adhesive (glue dots, hot glue, etc.–not included) on the back corners of your calendar chipboard, or wherever you wish to mount the Calendar Corners. Then simply slip them over the corner.