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“If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design. ” – Dr Ralf Speth, CEO Jaguar

Packaging helps to keep everything organized. Whether it’s a pouch for your coins, a box for your items or the bottle that holds your perfume, the things we put things in are important! In today’s marketplace, how you present your product to your consumer can greatly impact your brand & sales.

Many small businesses and home businesses think packaging is simply not worth the cost or is ‘too expensive’. This is simply not the case! At Plastic Pouches we don’t require high MOQ’s. In fact, we are able to cater to everyone with our low MOQ’s and low pricing. Get wholesale pricing without buying quantity!

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We now offer a complete solution for all businesses looking for product packaging. With our wide range of packaging products, you can shop for all your product packaging needs in one place. Whether it is custom sized boxes, tab locking boxes, custom printed labels, custom made jewellery pouches or printed tissue paper, we manufacture it all! You can take your product’s presentation to the next level without breaking the bank thanks to our LOW PRICING!

Custom Printed Tissue Paper Maufacturer In South Africa
Custom Made Clear Labels On Cosmetic Bottle

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Frosted Zipper Pouches With Printing
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Personalized Boxes

Custom Packaging Box With Printed Logo And Printed Wrapping Paper Inside

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Our custom printed labels are the perfect pairing to your product’s presentation. Customize your labels to your needs by printing your logo or maybe even a thank you message and use it to add the finishing touch to your packaging. Our customer typically order custom boxes along with printed tissue and labels to offer an unmatched unboxing experience and product presentation to their customers.


Get in touch with us and request a FREE QUOTE for all your packaging needs. Our low pricing and low MOQ’s will allow you to design the packaging your product deserves while still remaining within your budget.


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