Vinyl Bumper Stickers – Custom Made



Looking For Custom Made Vinyl Bumper Stickers?

We’ve Got You Covered!

Take advantage of traffic jams and make custom bumper stickers for your car with your business logo or personal expression! We have no limit when it comes to size, shape and quantity! Get creative and make your own bumper stickers that can be used to help brand your business, or show off your personality!

Our custom vinyl bumper stickers are a great way to represent your favorite teams, brands, school and anything else that inspires you! So why not make bumper stickers of your logo, your favorite charity, your lifestyle, or a funny bumper stickers to brighten up the traffic jam around you?

Our custom vinyl bumper stickers are made out of durable vinyl that is waterproof, and weather resistant, so they will stick vibrantly for years to come! There’s no need to worry about custom bumper stickers creasing, as they are bubble-free and will apply smoothly on any surface!

We are able to print your logo on either a white background or a transparent/clear background.This white vinyl is waterproof, weatherproof, and very durable – it also uses a removable adhesive, meaning it can be applied and removed without leaving residue behind. If you’d prefer a transparent background, or will be applying these stickers to a window or glass surface, you may also like the look of our clear removable vinyl option.