Vaccine Card Holder Pouch – Protective Pouch For Vaccination Cards

Protect Your COVID-19 Vaccination Card in Style!

Looking for COVID-19 Vaccination Card Holders or Vaccine Pouches? We’ve got you covered! Choose from a wide range of styles or pick your own and let us make it! We manufacture to your requirements with the fastest turn-around times and lowest prices in the country!*



Keep Your COVID-19 Vaccine Card Protected in a Stylish Sleeve

With COVID-19 Vaccinations Rolling Out & Becoming More Widely Available Across South Africa, you might be thinking what to do with your COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card in order to keep it safe, since it is now something you need to carry with you. No matter what your requirements are, we can manufacture it! Before ordering a protective case, there are a few things you might want to consider. First, be sure to measure your card to confirm that you choose an appropriate size that will fit. Thereafter, consider whether you’ll want extra features, like a lanyard to hold your vaccination card around your neck.

Why Choose A Vaccine Card Holder ?

It’s important to note that our vaccination card pouches or vaccine protective cases are manufactured to allow you to safely take out your vaccination card to have updated information added as needed. Although keeping your vaccination card safe is a priority, it is not recommended to laminate your card, since this could prevent you from being able to update your information on the card in future. We able to manufacture and supply vaccination cards in all sorts of styles and designs ranging from: ◉ Vaccine Card Pouch With Cutouts for a Lanyard ◉ Standard COVID-19 Vaccination Pouch / Holder (1st image Below) ◉ Book or Wallet Type Vaccination Card Holder

Here Are Some of Our Offerings:

Vaccine Card Holder Pouch Vaccination Card Holder Covid-19 Vaccination Book Vaccination Card Holder With Lanyard

No Matter Your Requirements; We Can Do It!

Get in touch with us and let us know your requirements. We manufacture all our products in house and are able to customize our products to meet your needs. No matter what style of Vaccination card you require, we can do it!