PVC Jewellery Zipper Bag – Frosted & Transparent

High Quality PVC Jewellery Zipper Bag – Frosted Jewellery Bag

Our High Quality PVC Transparent and Frosted Plastic Jewellery Zipper Bags Are Custom Manufactured To Your Specification. This Matte Finish, Frosted Ziplock Bag Is An Excellent Way To Package Small Items Such as Beads, Pins, Accessories & Other Products In A Way That’s Appealing To Your Customers! Our Customer Across The Country Love It!

Product Specifications:

  • Custom Sizes Available – Tailored To Your Requirements
  • Please Mention Your Preferred Size When Requesting A Quote
  • Custom Branding Can Be Done – Have Your Logo Printed  Onto The Ziplock Bag
  • Manufactured With High Quality PVC
  • Fast Turnaround Times
  • Delivery Available All Across South Africa
  • Contact Us For International Shipping

This product is made in South Africa. We are manufacturers and suppliers of this product. Contact us for a quote HERE or email us at [email protected]. We ship all over South Africa.



Custom Made Jewellery Zipper Pouches With Branding

The #1 Choice For Jewellery Packaging!

At Plastic Pouches South Africa, we now offer a custom solution to all stores and retailers that sell jewellery. Our Plastic Ziplock bags for jewellery are a tried and tested solution for travel or storage of all kinds of small items. They can be used to store various items such as beads, necklaces, chains, swarovski stones and much more.

Why Choose PVC Jewellery Pouches?

The biggest advantage PVC Zipper Pouches have over traditional plastic or polyethylene (PE) bags is that they do not rip apart easily, and they can be reused or repurposed countless times! Our Jewellery Pouches With Zipper Mechanisms are manufactured using high grade, durable PVC to ensure that the items inside remain protected. The excellent build quality and materials also means that the bag does not need to be thrown away after 1 use. We offer our PVC Jewellery pouches / Ziplock Jewellery pouches in custom sizes. No matter what your requirements are, we can assist you in getting the packaging you want to ensure your customers have the best experience with your product’s packaging and display. The Slider Mechanism on our jewellery bags offers a hassle free experience when it comes to opening and resealing the bag.

Jewellery Pouches With Your Logo Printed!

We are able to print your design or logo directly onto the Jewellery Ziplock Pouches / PVC Jewellery Pouches to make sure your packaging stands out! Why settle for a plain, unbranded PVC Jewellery Bag when you can get a fully customized Jewellery Bag? Our unbeatable pricing, fast turnaround times and bespoke branding options make us the #1 choice for your packaging needs!

Coin Pouches With Your Logo Printed!

Are you a seller of rare coins or high value coins such as Kruger Coins and other limited edition valuables? Our custom pouches are the perfect solution for you. Have your brand or store name printed onto the coin bag and let you customers remember you for years to come & the best part? It’s inexpensive!

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Get in touch with us with your requirements and let us save you money while also taking your product packaging to the next level.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you ship to?

We ship our Jewellery Pouches all across South Africa, including neighboring countries such as Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland & other African Countries such as Nigeria, Angola & more. No matter where you are, we can ship to you!

What are your MOQ’s?

We offer low MOQ’s to make our products available to all businesses, including home businesses. Get in touch with us with your requirement and we will assist you.

What sizes are you able to manufacture?

We are able to manufacture our Ziplock Jewellery bags in all sizes.