Metallic Labels With Custom Print

Order custom printed metallic labels with your logo or brand to showcase your product with a perfect and luxurious look. These labels are the best for packaging & personal projects as well as high end products due to the quality look they offer. Contact us today for the best quote on custom printed metallic & holographic labels!



Looking For Custom Metallic Labels ?

We’ve Got You Covered!

Looking to give your product a high class/end look? Our metallic labels are exactly what you need! Consumers often make assumptions about the quality of a product based on the quality of the packaging and this is very much the case when it comes to most high end products that you see everyday such perfumes, makeup and other cosmetic products etc.

Metallic effects used on a label provide that perceived quality. Whether through the inks, substrates or enhancement techniques, these metallic labels deliver the luster and shine that illuminate a brand on the shelf and make it stand out. Many different markets can benefit from metallic labels, especially those that want to convey luxury and showcase their brand as ‘premium’ quality. From nutritional products such as multi-vitamins to various consumables such as cosmetics or even vape e-liquid labels, a high-value product design and packaging is required to elevate a brand’s image in the consumers eye. This is extremely important to note as attractive product packaging on the shelves at brick and mortar stores can impact both brand perception and consumers likelihood to purchase the product.

Our affordable pricing and low MOQ’s for our custom made metallic labels make it possible for every end user to use these beautiful labels on their product and make their product stand out from the crowd.