Lanyard Pouch – Insert Size 105mmx105mm

High Quality PVC Lanyard Pouch/ID Holders

Product Specs:
Product Material: Non-Toxic PVC – 100% Recyclable
Process: HF Welding
Print: Silk Screening

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High Quality PVC Lanyard Pouch – Insert Size 105mmx105mm

We Offer The Best Custom Made, Durable and High Quality PVC Lanyard Pouch /Lanyard Holders Made In-House With Non-Toxic and 100% Recyclable Materials. This PVC Lanyard Pouch Takes an Insert With Dimensions 105mmx105mm and Is Perfect For Use As A Conference Pouch/Holder or ID Card Pouch/Holder. Are You Looking For Card Holders For Your Next Corporate Event or Trade Show? View Our Range Of PVC Lanyard Pouches Made from PVC For Maximum Durability. The Badge Holder/ID Holder Is Perfect For Event Access or Conferences to Hold Identification Cards. View Our Full PVC Lanyard Pouch Range: HERE

Choose the right custom lanyard for the right purpose

  1. For short term use like conferences and trade shows, choose light-weight lanyards for the ID Badge Pouch.
  2. Choose full color lanyards for personalizing with more detailed graphics and full color.
  3. Use sturdy lanyards with a safety breakaway and detachable clip for long term daily use like holding keys and ID tags for manufacturing and maintenance teams or coaching staff.

Here are Examples of Everyday Uses for Lanyards:

  1. Colleges – Students and Staff Student IDs are one of the first items a student receives across college and university campuses nationwide.
  2. Corporate Offices In law firms, financial institutions, insurance companies and any large corporate offices, keep a supply of lanyards with visitor ID badges at the front reception area. Identifying visitors is a first step to ensuring company and employee security.
  3. Event and Concert Staff From trade events to concerts, staff at these events have special badges to go backstage or go on the field. With a quick flash of their ID badge, they can go to these secure areas, and a lanyard around the neck makes it easy and convenient!
  4. Government Workers Because state and government employees work in  a highly secure environment and use a secure ID to get to and from different parts of the building, lanyards are an essential item for them. The lanyard and badge holder combination conveniently holds their secure ID badge around their neck.
  5. Gyms and Health Clubs Hand out membership cards attached to a branded lanyard. Help members keep track of their ID cards and get advertising at the same time.
  6. Healthcare workers Nurses, doctors, custodians, supply managers and staff in charge of medical supplies and medicine use lanyards for keys.
  7. Hospitality Industry Hotel and resort staff including front desk staff, concierge, housekeeping and maintenance teams have quick admittance to controlled access areas with access cards and keys attached on a lanyard.
  8. Media Reporters know that they can’t get the scoop without their press pass. So lanyards make a great option for them too!
  9. Teachers The average teacher or administrator has 2 keys on them at all times along with their ID badge. With a lanyard, they can show their school spirit and keep their keys with them at all times around their neck.

Product Specs: Dimensions (Insert): 105mm x 105mm Product Material: Non-Toxic PVC – 100% Recyclable Process: HF Welding Print: Silk Screening Colour Options: Transparent, White, Black, Royal Blue, Standard Bank Blue, Navy Blue, Orange, Red, Bottle Green, Purple, Grey, Silver, Yellow, Maroon. We Are Able To Ship Nationwide To All Major Cities Including Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth As Well As Abroad To Countries Like Botswana, Swaziland, Mozambique, Namibia, Lesotho and Zimbabwe. Contact Us To Request a Shipping Quote Or To Find Out If We Are Able To Ship To Your Country.